Pet Laser Therapy in Watertown, SD

If you have an animal companion suffering from pain due to injury, illness, age or any other reason, our cutting-edge pet laser therapy services at Westside Animal Clinic can help!

What is Pet Laser Therapy?

The veterinarian uses a handheld applicator in this procedure to apply laser light directly to a pain-affected area on your pet. The process is completely painless and non-invasive. Many pets enjoy the experience and find it relaxing.

The laser light energy encourages cell regrowth and releases pain-relieving endorphins. It also increases blood circulation and reduces cellular inflammation, providing immediate pain relief in many cases.

Why Use Pet Laser Therapy?

The primary use is for pain relief. Senior pets with joint problems or arthritis react very well to treatment with the therapy laser. There are many types of pets for which there simply are no other pain relief options.

For example, there are very few pain medications that cats can take. Other animals may have allergic reactions or side effects from pharmaceutical pain relievers. Likewise, a pet with liver disease or an older pet with reduced organ function may not be able to take pharmaceuticals.

The laser therapy can also be used in conjunction with other pain management techniques if necessary. If your pet is recovering from an injury or surgery, it will help to speed up the healing process. And if you have an older pet experiencing any type of age-related aches or pains, or that simply doesn’t have the range of mobility that they had when younger, it can get them moving again!

How It’s Performed

A laser therapy session takes just a few minutes to complete. You can be in the room for the treatment. The pet is made comfortable and no special preparations are needed.

The handheld “wand” that applies the laser light is simply waved over the affected area(s) for a few minutes. Some treatment sessions can be performed in as little as five minutes.

If your pet is being treated for a chronic condition or in a long-term recovery situation following surgery, we will likely recommend multiple laser therapy sessions.

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